HB 2138, which will open to Missourians the clear and codified right to decide what they want to eat and from whom they would like to acquire their food, needs to move through the process. You can read the bill and a little about it here.
 The bill had a hearing and one of the questions from the committee was, “Don’t we already have the ability to sell directly?” They fully realized that raw milk was a serious exception to that question.
 In reality we do. But in our current regulatory control paradigm, if we do we are likely to be visited by “meat detectives” claiming we’re engaged in illegal meat or poultry sales.Were that true, Morningland could have made cheese for private exchange and milked their cows for the commercial dairy industry while taking some to make smaller batches for direct trade and it would have enabled them to keep the farm operational. Were that true, I could buy 5 pounds of lamb from my neighbor without any concern. I could buy cheese from another neighbor with no issues from regulatory “authorities”. I could buy egg dishes and kefir from anyone I chose…etc, etc.
 Getting this bill out of committee and into Rules then onto the floor will raise the question in the general public’s mind about if they are, or are not, smart enough to decide what they want to eat without a bureaucrat intervening. The Committee Chair, Eric Burlison and the Speaker of the House, Tim Jones, need to be called and encouraged to move this bill. Again, it is HR2138, sponsored by Rep. Mike Moon.


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