Mountain Grove PRC Will Meet March 27th

Posted: March 23, 2014 in Legislative Issues, Meetings, Privacy Rights, REAL ID
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The Mountain Grove Property Rights Coalition will be meeting on March 27th from 7-9 pm in the ConnXtions Entertainment Complex in Mountain Grove.

The PRC is dedicated to preserving, protecting and watching incursions on your private property rights from any and every overreaching governmental or bureaucratic angle.

Topics to be covered in this meeting will include the collusion behind the scenes of quasi-governmental bodies with the international global identification conglomerate represented by Morpho Trust.  Bob Parker has been studying the topic of Real ID quite extensively and will relate some very important information he’s acquired on the subject.

Doreen Hannes will discuss some of the legislative issues at the state level that are important to the group including a bill introduced to allow unregulated direct trade on food goods. Additionally, the USDA’s attempt to expand the definition of retail pet store under the guise of the Animal Welfare Act will be covered.

Please do visit the great restaurant in ConnXtions, but if you can’t place your order before 6pm, ask for it to be packaged to go. The meeting will begin promptly at 7pm and you may enjoy your meal in the meeting room if you remember to place the garbage in the trash on your way out. ConnXtions closes their doors at 9:30 so we must be prompt in our starting and finishing times.

 ConnXtions is located 2 ½ blocks WEST of S 95 on Business 60 in Mountain Grove.

Please visit for additional information.  

  1. Carolin Burch says:

    Is ConnXtions in the old Fred’s building out toward Miller Electric? If it is, then it is west of 95 on bus 60?

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