Very briefly, we just want to give our thanks to everyone who braved the cold to come out to our meeting last night at ConnXtions in Mountain Grove. Despite being 2• it was very well attended with roughly 140 people present to hear Kaye Beach speak and to see the awards given to Congressmen Jason Smith and Billy Long and Lt Governor Peter Kinder for their excellent work against the National Blueway program and the White River National Blueway designation in particular.

There were a myriad of elected officials involved in the fight against the Blueways. Our County Commissioners, State Reps and State Senators all deserve to be recognized and thanked for their efforts against this program. We are extremely grateful for the good men and women who strive to stand in the gap for us at the more local level. Thanks to you all!

We are deeply encouraged that the Dept of Interior actually abandoned the program, and that simply would not have happened without the effort put forth by the area’s US Congressmen. Yes, we know it will be back, and actually already is, but this was a major victory for not just Missouri and Arkansas but all other states with “waterways”.

Ozark Area Network’s Ed Button was there along with other media to cover the event, and we thank them for their attendance and coverage as well. Here is the video provided by Ozark Area Network of the awards to Kinder, Smith and Long:

The paramount issue is that everything the government tries to do ultimately comes down to one thing…..The consent of the governed. If we refuse to provide our consent by either remaining silent or willingly going along with plans that are antithetical to our disposition and the Supreme Law of our land, they cannot continue to go forward in a wrong direction.

We thank everyone who stands up in the fight for freedom and decency. Were it not for you and your dedication to the principles of liberty, we would be incapable of halting any action. Thank you for loving liberty and standing with us against governmental overreach!

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