Second Amendment Preservation Act

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Fire Arms, Legislative Issues, Meetings

Here is an update from Ron Calzone on a very important piece of legislation in the Missouri General Assembly that is attempting to put the 10th Amendment to actual effect in Missouri:

The first of two senate hearings for SB 613 was held between 3:00 and 4:00 Tuesday afternoon and it went very well.

There were NO witnesses against the bill.

Three lobbyists for the medical community testified for informational purposes, expressing concerns about Section 571.012.3 (Page 10, lines 8-12). They are concerned, particularly, about any law that keeps doctors from documenting anything in their own records. A solution to their concerns is being worked on.

That was the extent of the opposition to the bill. There was no one there to claim that the bill violates the Supremacy Clause, There was no one there to claim we have to bow and stoop to federal officials. There were no Chicken Littles there to say, “This has never been done before, and we’re going to wet our pants!”

In summary, I am more encouraged than ever about our prospects of crossing the finish line early this session. It’s early, though, and anything can happen, so we need to continue with a full court press.

We need to make a VERY STONG showing at the hearing on the 28th! Please come, even if it’s just to fill the hearing room or testify with a short “me too” — you don’t have to make a speech to be effective.

And if you can’t come to the hearing please fill out a witness form, if you haven’t already (one per person, please). The larger the stack we deliver, the louder we speak!

Please spread the word, too!

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