Nat’l Park Service Expansionist Plans Receive Heavy Criticism

Posted: January 22, 2014 in Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, Agriculture, Legislative Issues, Meetings, Water Issues

The National Park Service held meetings throughout the area termed the Ozark National scenic Riverways on their new plans to “conserve” the area. The OSNR was established in 1964 and was supposed to preserve the land for the people. That has instead morphed into preserving the land against the people. 400 people were in attendance at Emminence and were almost unanimously opposed to the Park Services new plan. At Van Buren, an actual count was taken of 300 attendees. Of the 300, four people supported the Park Service’s new plan….so 296 against. Sounds like the NPS has another winning plan!

At one meeting, Ozarks PRC co-chair Bob Parker spoke with the NPS Oficer Black about the ridiculousness of their entire public information and interface meeting. In typical Delhi technique, there was no general overall public question and answer time. Instead there were stations throughout the gymnasium that people were to visit to receive the Park Service’s stand on their particular aspect of the “plan”.

Here is the video an attendee took of the conversation betwixt Parker and the NPS official. Please note that the audio is difficult, but if you are calm and attentive, you can certainly get the gist of the conversation….Particularly note when the NPS official indicates that they do go ahead with their plans despite public opposition:

We will be having a Mountain Grove PRC meeting on Thursday, January 23rd at Connxtions Entertainment Complex in Mountain Grove, MO. The meeting begins at 7pm and we will be giving appreciation awards to Congressmen Jason Smith and Billy Long and Lt Governor Peter Kinder for their excellent help in fighting the White River National Blueway and getting the entire Blueway Program overturned. Kaye Beach will also be our esteemed guest speaker on the issue of Real Id and the problems with that program and the method of implementation. We hope to see you all there!


  1. gene ballay says:

    This is the actual situation in many such programs and it is up to us to get it all stopped: Particularly note when the NPS official indicates that they do go ahead with their plans despite public opposition (and they are doing it with our money and our land)

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