Howell County Campaign For Liberty Meeting

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, Agriculture, Economic Freedom, Meetings, Water Issues

My apologies for the late notice about the meeting tomorrow night. I missed the first notice about it, and for those near West Plains, this is a must attend meeting if you are concerned about property rights at all.

Campaign for Liberty Meeting November 21st on Ozark Scenic Riverways Plan

The Ozark Scenic Riverways proposed 20 year plan and new rules are the topic of the Campaign for Liberty meeting in West Plains tomorrow night. Mike Slack will speak, relaying information gathered from discussions with the Park Service and the office of Congressman Jason Smith, and outlining an action plan. New information includes the Park Service decision to treat approximately 3,000 acres as though they were designated Wilderness areas with restricted access despite Congressman Smith’s opposition to the plan. The approval of the Congressman representing the district is required before the area can be officially designated Wilderness area. The Park Service appears to be following the lead of the rest of the Obama administration in issuing executive orders in place of rule by law, and ignoring laws they disagree with.
The Park Service Superintendent for the area, Mr. Black, was invited to attend and answer questions. He declined due to prior commitments according to his office.
Slack recently spoke with Ryan Hart, chief of staff for Congressman Jason Smith. He emphasizes that ALL substantive comments made to the Park Service MUST be answered, so making statements online or in person with alternate plans will tie up their resources.
The Campaign for Liberty will meet at 7 pm (6pm if you are eating) at Chin’s Garden restaurant in West Plains. All are invited to attend.
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    thanks! getting the word out!

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