Just a reminder for everyone, and a bit of an update. We have found a new location to have our regular meetings in Mountain Grove. This is the ConnXtion Entertainment Center on Business 60 about 2 1/2 blocks west of Hwy 95 South in Mtn Grove. We will be meeting in the big meeting room immediately to the right at the entrance to the building. The meeting begins at 7pm and will be over by 9pm. Ike Skelton (not the past congressman) will be speaking on some interesting issues regarding the Ozark Scenic Rivers, and Doreen Hannes will be covering the GMO Summit meetings, some of the financial issues facing our country over the debt ceiling and expansion of authority over water by the EPA. Bob Parker is going to have to miss the meeting, and we will surely miss him!

The restaurant will take orders for people who can’t make it early enough to meet before the meeting. They will have your order ready at 9pm and we can all visit together after the meeting if we like. Otherwise, you are encouraged to enjoy dinner there prior to the meeting!

Please spread the word and let anyone concerned about their private property rights know about the meeting. See you there!

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