Get Ready for the Veto Override Session

Posted: August 30, 2013 in Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, Economic Freedom, Fire Arms, Legislative Issues

On September 11th, the Missouri General Assembly will meet to see if they have the testicular fortitude to override Governor Nixon’s vetoes of several bills that passed with amazing majorities this past session.

Bills we have particularly focused upon include the Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB436) and the Anti-Agenda 21 legislation (SB265). there are other bills you may want to focus upon, but these are two that passed with veto proof majorities that the governor saw fit to override.

Here is an alert from Missouri Precinct Project on another bill, HB253:

Time is getting close and in the remaining days before the Veto Session, the Missouri Precinct Project would like to urge everyone across the state to do everything we can to override the Governor’s veto on the “Broad-Based Tax Relief Act of 2013 – HB253”.
 The Governor has been traveling around the state telling people, and primarily teachers, that this bill would cut funding for education. Nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, the  Governor is withholding $400 Million from education funding that the legislature as already appropriated.The only official that withholds money from education is the Governor.
The Governor claims that returning money to the taxpayers is a risky scheme, yet he is traveling around the state in his new airplane, when the state already has several airplanes that are not being used. Others complain that the tax cut is to small that it will not make much of a difference. Well, which is it. The tax cut will doom us all or the tax cut is not benefiting anyone. Remember, this is first time in 100 years that anyone has cut any Income Taxes and it is a first steps with more steps to follow.
Some Legislators are saying that they are not able to support an override because it hurts teachers. We know that this is totally false and we need to call on those people that caving to School Superintendents is not leadership but standing up for what is right and proper shows that they can do what is right for all the people in the state and not just for those that are unwilling to work for real education reform instead of always asking for more money.
We urge all of the individuals on this email to call their legislators, on either side of the isle, and urge them to override HB253.
The attached document lists specific information in more detail.
And all of us need to call the legislators that did not sign the original bill, are sitting on the fence or have expressed that they might favor an override even if they did not vote for the original bill.
Don Phillips, R-138
Dennis Fowler, R-151
Elaine Gannon, R-151
Kent Hampton, R-150
Jeff Roorda, D-113
Ed Schieffer, D-041
Steve Hodges, D-149
Go to for contact information.
And don’t forget to call you Senator as well. Make sure you remind them that we need the tax cut. We cannot afford to let more jobs cross the state line to move out of Missouri.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend and next week start making those phone calls.

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