Inside Agenda 21: Blue Ways Water Shed Projects Conference

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On June 4th of 2012 the US Fish and Wildlife Services agency held a conference to discuss aspects of the Great American Outdoors Agenda. Specifically, the numerous plans to implement the Blue Way watershed projects it had targeted for all fifty states and the District of Columbia. The keynote speaker at the conference was Rebecca Wodders. Ms. Wodders was at the time, special assistant to then, Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar.  Ms. Wodders has a long and distinguished history when it comes to river reclamation. From 1995 to 2011 she was the President of American Rivers Inc. Under her stewardship this non profit organization received an 8 fold increase in their revenue stream, most of which were our tax dollars.  She quadrupled the amount of people that would become employed by this non profit and largely tax payer supported organization, and she presided over the opening of twelve new offices around the country to house these newly employed public/private bureaucrats. The main focuses and goals of American Rivers Inc. are: lobbying for the creation of “Blue Trails”, dealing with Climate Change, river restoration and reclamation, emphasising the need to deal with flooding naturally as opposed to Dams and Levees, providing grants, and organizing river clean up efforts.

As Ms. Wodders states in this video the idea for the new Blue Ways designation was born using the Silvo O. Conte National Wildlife Refuge as a model for future projects.  The idea is to have the ability to obtain control over vast swaths of land and water resources by designating entire rivers and their water sheds as blue ways. This would allow a multitude of Federal and State agencies the authority to create new statutes and regulations pertaining to land and water management over hundreds of thousands of miles of river ways and hundreds of millions of acres of privately held land that fall within these water sheds. Of course Ms. Wodders, and anyone working on implementing these designations will tell you, if asked, that these designations do not call for new statutes or regulations but if you watch Ms. Wodders in this video you will see she clearly states that one of the main goals of the 51 proposed Blue Ways projects is to integrate new Land and Water Management practices. Based on that main pillar of intent behind these designations I have a very poignant question for you to ask yourselves.  How on Earth do you implement new land and water management practices other than by creating new statutes and new regulations? I have yet to ever read an agency of governments list of suggestions that can be enforced to achieve a desired goal.

I’ve excerpted this clip of Ms. Wodders discussing the Blue Ways Designation projects. This is Agenda 21 in practice and the Blue Ways designations are a very important part of land and water reclamation.

National Blue Ways Project: Agenda 21 Land and Water Power Grab to Steal Your Property Rights

For those who would like to review this full conference you can do so at the following:

Agenda 21 in full force: Blue Ways Designation, Protect your property Rights from the Government

These model projects, fifty-one in all are in every state around the nation as well and in the District of Columbia.  Many various people, elected officials, and groups worked together to get the White River Water Shed Blue Way designation rescinded. You can find the proposed project for your state on the Great American Outdoors website. These unconstitutional Federal and State land grabs must be fought at all costs if you want to retain control of your land and water use.

Dirk Shea

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  2. […] My comment:  This is something called ‘National Blue Ways project’  it’s Agenda 21.  They are grabbing up lands in the Ozarks, and Arkansas to control the waterways.  Plain and simple.  Watch this video of  a US Fish and Wildlife conference:  And you can read more about it here. […]

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