Resolutions and Requests for Rescinding the Blueway

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, Agriculture, Uncategorized, Water Issues
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This is just going to be a resource page for everyone to use just in case we run into too much difficulty in getting the entire National Blueway System establishing Secretarial Order overturned. We hope to get ALL the signed resolutions from the 21 counties in the designated area here in Missouri up on here and we will certainly post a link to Secure Arkansas’ resolutions for Arkansas if it proves too cumbersome to get them on here.

These will go up in no particular order of importance, as we believe they are ALL important. Leaning to the mindset that the government’s duty is to protect our rights, and that the federal government exists because of the state and the state government exists because of the people, we believe local action is the most important and usually the most effective level for people to become actively engaged in.

This post is going to take a couple of days to complete, so be patient with me, please!

First, here is Lt Governor Peter Kinder’s letter to the DOI. Then the letter from the coalition of federal level representatives. Also, the first letter from an elected representative at the federal level Jason Smith’s letter to the Secretary of Interior.

Then we have the letter written to the Secretary of Interior by the Texas County Commissioners, and Dent County Commissioners.

We will soon add letters from State Reps, and the resolutions from all the counties….Stay tuned!

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