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Commonsense PRC Meeting

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The Common Sense Property Rights Coalition will meet Monday August 12  at 6 pm at the Spring Dipper Ice Cream location in Mammoth Springs according to board member Kevin Jotz.
“This is an organization concerned with protection of private property rights. The group believes that without protections of private property rights nothing else is secure. The right to own and reasonably use private property is a cornerstone of the U.S. Constitution, differentiating our country from others around the world. As John Adams, one of our nation’s Founding Fathers and our second president, said: ‘The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence.’” “The discussion at this meeting will be the Blueway Federal effort to take over the White River Basin in Missouri and Arkansas and the recent Congressional committee meeting in West Plains. We will also discuss illegal immigration problems and how it affects the US, including the Missouri Department of Revenue scandal involving fraudulent drivers licenses purchased by illegal aliens.
Mike Evans, talk show host of Americas Voice Now will update the group on his plans to build a studio and announce plans for broadcasting on other radio stations in Missouri and Arkansas. Also Tom Schulte, Field Director for Senator Roy Blunt will discuss the Citizen Empowerment Act and the Government Accountability Act, both pieces of legislation recently sponsored by Senator Blunt.
“The PRC has fought for the rights of landowners against government intrusions for years, including fighting against the National Animal Identification Act, which would have bankrupted many farmers. The Commonsense PRC  believes that landowners are the real conservationists. Since the land makes their living they take care of it in a better way than government agencies such as the EPA  and NGOs. We welcome all area residents interested in private property rights, food freedom and protection of constitutional rights to attend, or to call us for more information at 417-264-2435 or 417-270-1724.” Jotz said.

The Constitution Party is urging all who love liberty to attend the public hearing on the National Blue Ways Water Shed power grab project designed to steal our property rights in counties in Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas.

It is urgent that we defend our property from this  “Agenda 21 – Federal Land & Water Grab” plan by globalist Washington D.C. edicts.

Learn more here:

Monday, July 29, 2013
1 PM
West Plains Civic Center Theater
110 St. Louis Street
West Plains, MO

This hearing is being organized by the Natural Resources Committee, of which newly elected Congressman Jason Smith is a member. To my knowledge, grassroots citizens have not yet been invited to speak; so we must make our presence known.

Congressmen Smith and Billy Long will be speaking as well as delegates from the Natural Resources Committee.

Many concerned citizens from various property rights groups, including Campaign For Liberty and anti-Agenda 21, plan to be there.

From Ron Calzone of Missouri First:

In just a month and a half the Missouri General Assembly will be meeting for the annual Veto Override Session.

It’s at that time we hope to see Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of the Missouri Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB 436) over ridden.   Please reserve September 11th on your calendar, so you can attend the mega rally at the Capitol in Jefferson City.   We need every boot on the ground talking to Reps and Senators that day!

In the mean time, we are making national news.  The headline story on the Drudge Report this evening (Saturday) is about nullification, including our own efforts here in Missouri.

Drudge Report

Another nationally run AP story featuring the Missouri Second Amendment Preservation Act claims that some of the Democrats who voted for HB 436 will also vote to override Governor Nixon’s veto:

This is all great news, but we must take nothing for granted — we must fight tooth and nail for this critical bill until the job is done!

More Blueway Docs

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From Secure Arkansas:

FINALLY!  We have received copies of two important documents:

1.  The letter from the Arkansas Game & Fish and other local agencies to Department of Interior Secretary
Sally Jewell requesting the withdrawal of the Blueway designation of the White River Watershed.

2.  The response from Department of Interior Secretary Sally Jewell honoring the withdrawal request.
(Use the scroll bar to the immediate right of the document to view its entire text.)

As you’ve seen, however, we don’t think the withdrawal means that the subject has been dropped or that the fight for our property rights or water rights is over.  The bottom line is that we must continue to fight Sustainable Development and United Nations Agenda 21.  Blueway nominations and designations are just one small part of that.


On June 4th of 2012 the US Fish and Wildlife Services agency held a conference to discuss aspects of the Great American Outdoors Agenda. Specifically, the numerous plans to implement the Blue Way watershed projects it had targeted for all fifty states and the District of Columbia. The keynote speaker at the conference was Rebecca Wodders. Ms. Wodders was at the time, special assistant to then, Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar.  Ms. Wodders has a long and distinguished history when it comes to river reclamation. From 1995 to 2011 she was the President of American Rivers Inc. Under her stewardship this non profit organization received an 8 fold increase in their revenue stream, most of which were our tax dollars.  She quadrupled the amount of people that would become employed by this non profit and largely tax payer supported organization, and she presided over the opening of twelve new offices around the country to house these newly employed public/private bureaucrats. The main focuses and goals of American Rivers Inc. are: lobbying for the creation of “Blue Trails”, dealing with Climate Change, river restoration and reclamation, emphasising the need to deal with flooding naturally as opposed to Dams and Levees, providing grants, and organizing river clean up efforts.

As Ms. Wodders states in this video the idea for the new Blue Ways designation was born using the Silvo O. Conte National Wildlife Refuge as a model for future projects.  The idea is to have the ability to obtain control over vast swaths of land and water resources by designating entire rivers and their water sheds as blue ways. This would allow a multitude of Federal and State agencies the authority to create new statutes and regulations pertaining to land and water management over hundreds of thousands of miles of river ways and hundreds of millions of acres of privately held land that fall within these water sheds. Of course Ms. Wodders, and anyone working on implementing these designations will tell you, if asked, that these designations do not call for new statutes or regulations but if you watch Ms. Wodders in this video you will see she clearly states that one of the main goals of the 51 proposed Blue Ways projects is to integrate new Land and Water Management practices. Based on that main pillar of intent behind these designations I have a very poignant question for you to ask yourselves.  How on Earth do you implement new land and water management practices other than by creating new statutes and new regulations? I have yet to ever read an agency of governments list of suggestions that can be enforced to achieve a desired goal.

I’ve excerpted this clip of Ms. Wodders discussing the Blue Ways Designation projects. This is Agenda 21 in practice and the Blue Ways designations are a very important part of land and water reclamation.

National Blue Ways Project: Agenda 21 Land and Water Power Grab to Steal Your Property Rights

For those who would like to review this full conference you can do so at the following:

Agenda 21 in full force: Blue Ways Designation, Protect your property Rights from the Government

These model projects, fifty-one in all are in every state around the nation as well and in the District of Columbia.  Many various people, elected officials, and groups worked together to get the White River Water Shed Blue Way designation rescinded. You can find the proposed project for your state on the Great American Outdoors website. These unconstitutional Federal and State land grabs must be fought at all costs if you want to retain control of your land and water use.

Dirk Shea

Attorney TESTIMONY from D.C. Blueway Hearing & Info Re. Upcoming MO Hearing
As we told you in a previous email, there was a congressional committee hearing in Washington D.C. at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 17, 2013 of the House Committee on Natural Resources and the Subcommittee on Water and Power entitled:  “A Washington DC-Based Bureaucratic Invention with Potential Water Conservation and Property Rights Impacts:  The National Blueways Order”.

At that hearing, attorney Karen Budd-Falen gave her testimony, which is of inestimable value that will provide guidance and defense for us for years to come.  PLEASE read this Wyoming attorney’s testimony as thoroughly and as soon as possible.  View it here. 

Also available for viewing is a letter written July 2, 2013 from Attorney Budd-Falen to the Secretary of the Department of the Interior with comments regarding the National Blueways program.   Read that letter here.

If you can, please attend the follow-up meeting to the D.C. hearing.  That hearing will be held in West Plains, Missouri, on Monday, July 29, 2013 at 1:00 p.m. in the Theater of the West Plains Civic Center, 110 St. Louis St.
Information will be shared regarding how the National Blueways System designation was initially imposed on the White River watershed in Missouri and Arkansas and how future designations can be prevented.  The hearing will be titled: “Stopping Federal Land and Water Grabs: Protecting Property Rights from Washington, DC Edicts”.  It will be open to the public on a first come, first serve seating basis, and is being sponsored by the Missouri congressional delegation.  Click here  for more information about the Missouri hearing.   We appreciate the Missouri diligence in pursuing this matter to the end that was exposed by Secure Arkansas, PCRNews, and Missourians Against Agenda 21, three organizations who prompted the passage of many anti-Blueway resolutions by affected counties in Arkansas and Missouri.  We also appreciate the initial diligence of Senators Boozman, Blunt, other Arkansas & Missouri congressmen in obtaining a hold on the matter until pertinent questions were answered, which prompted a “withdrawal” from the Department of Interior.  However, we need to keep contacting our U.S. Senators and Representatives until official and complete answers are given to all those questions.  You can read that letter from Senator Boozman, etc, and obtain contact information on the Secure Arkansas and Secure The Republic websites at:

There have been many people in both states who have labored tirelessly to halt this travesty.  Thank them and help them when you have an opportunity to do so.  Most of all, be encouraged to do your part to KNOW THE WHOLE TRUTH and act accordingly.  (If your county was one of the few who were persuaded to pass an alternative resolution – one which could possibly be a dangerous endorsement of watershed (regional) governance – find out what you can do to reverse it for your county, which of course would also affect you and your property.)

Thanks, as always, for your support!

Hello to everyone!

As you may have noticed, posting has been nonexistent for a couple of weeks. I asked a few very special people to put things up for me while I took a break, but it didn’t happen. There are tremendously important issues that I normally would keep you apprised of, but right now, I truly must take a break.

Here are my issues for those who may wonder. I have been completely involved in full time activism for 8 years running. Actually, most of the time it is 60-80 hours per week. During this 8 year span, my immediate family has been paying the price for my advocacy, and right now, my father is not doing well at all. My mother is a 24-7 full time care giver for him and, for example, it takes about 40 minutes to get him ready for bed. The toll it is taking on her is excessive. I am attempting to take some of that weight off by doing what I am good at and dealing with the bureaucracy of the Veteran’s Administration for them and driving them the long trips to the VA for his appointments to address his health issues. And now, my husband needs to have surgery as well. So my plate is full.

When the regular legislative session was over, I was going to take a month off to deal with my  immediate family as well as my parents. Then the Blueway hit and that didn’t happen. The day after the Blueway designation was officially overturned, more hit….and my Heavenly Father told me I had to shut the door and refill all my vessels with the little bit of oil I had left. For those who do not understand that instruction, I can’t explain it to you. For those who do, I hope you understand the importance of obedience. It isn’t really that I need to go swimming and play, I need a realignment and refreshing.

The fact is, the battle is at a heated pitch such as I have never seen before. People have become aware and people are able to fight and work together as never before. On it’s face, it is not a good time for me to close my door; but that is using human eyes, and not spiritual eyes.

I have asked one person to send me emails specially marked to indicate what needs to be posted. I will NOT be reading and vetting the articles. That is going to be up to you, and I am sure there will be many many things that should be on here that will not make it due to the situation.

Please, work together, do not quibble, focus on the issues and effective methods of fighting for freedom and redeeming the time. I do not believe we will stop the descent of this country into tyranny and despotism. But we can throw wrenches into the wheels of the machines designed to run over us and our children. We must redeem the time and pull the veil back, exposing as evil that which they say is good.

Be blessed, and bless…..I’ll be back when I am supposed to be. 🙂

Doreen Hannes

Co-Chair PRC