The regular monthly meeting of the mountain Grove PRC had approximately 100 people in attendance. Points of discussion at the meting were Common Core, the Department of Revenue document and biometrics scandal, and the White River Blueway. A short presentation on Common Core was given by Nancy Ray. There were some handouts addressing the issue and suggested that people go to As A Mom for more information on Common Core and it’s standards.

Representative Jeff Pogue and his wife were in attendance to learn more about the Blueway designation and other issues of concern to the PRC. Rep. Pogue sent a letter to the Secretary of the Department of Interior requesting the designation of the White River Blueway and the Secretarial Order establishing the Blueway System be rescinded.

Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder sent his assistant Bryan Bunten to the meeting to give the group an update on the Department of Revenue investigative committee updates and explain the next steps in the process of attempting to correct a state agency that is openly violating state law. Bunten also provided copies of the letter that Lt. Governor Kinder sent to the Department of Interior admonishing them for violating public trust and failing to provide knowledge of the Blueway program to either the citizens of the region or the elected officials prior to designating the area as a “National Blueway”. Kinder strongly suggested the Secretary overturn the designation.

After the Lt Governor’s representative spoke, Co Chair of the PRC, Bob Parker, explained that the DOR issue is an even larger issue for him than the Blueway which is garnering a good amount of press. Parker sated emphatically, “I will not willingly participate in turning over my biometric information to an international organization.” He expressed his religious convictions against such a scheme and also stated, “The citizens of Missouri want the DOR to stop breaking the law, and stop breaking the law right now!”

Doreen Hannes gave the audience the particulars on the “Blueway” and an update on the number of County Resolutions signed against the Blueway designation. Counties that have currently signed resolutions against the 21,000 square mile designation are Texas, Wright, Webster, Howell, Oregon, Ozark, Taney, Stone, Lawrence, Oregon, Shannon, Dent, Reynolds, Christian, Butler, and Wayne. Remaining counties within the designation that have not yet passed resolutions against it are Ripley, Carter, Iron, Douglas and Greene. Hannes states that the designation will provide an integrated land and water resources adaptive management committee for the entire watershed. None of the members of the committee would be elected by the residents of the area, nor would the residents and landowners have input into the management.

The Mountain Grove PRC meets the 4th Thursday of every month at the Hayloft Restaurant in Mountain Grove on So. Hwy 95. The meetings are free to attend and open to the public.


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