The Ozarks Blueways: Federal land grab and regulatory nightmare!

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, Agriculture, Economic Freedom, Water Issues

By Bob Parker

It all sounds so good. The Government is here to help us again, now it’s called The White River National Blueways and guess what, they already did it by executive order on January 9th of 2013! What does their strategic plan that… HAS ALREADY BEEN APPROVED SAY? Fasten your seat belt, here are just some of the highlights.

[Note; words in italics directly from their strategic plan.]

1. Establish 180 ft wide vegetative buffers along ALL surface water.
Streams, springs, ponds, lakes, are all included! Get ready to build some fences Mr. Farmer and stay back from the lake Mr. developer or land owner. Did I get your attention yet?

2. The National Park Service and U.S. Forest Service to run the program. Recruit the National Park Service and USDA Forest Service.. In both states into the Blueway’s managing body. Over 500,000 acres of land going to direct Federal control according to the plan. Many references to direct land acquisition throughout the strategic plan.

3. Develop Conservation plans for 75% of the farms in the designated watersheds. When you get a Conservation plan on your property, you agree to let the government manage your farm, NOT YOU!

4. Complete restoration of 90,000 acres of farmland to desired condition for wildlife. This will be thousands of acres of producing farmland take out of production. They use your hard earned tax dollars to take land out of food production. Does that make any sense? Aren’t we 17 TRILLION in DEBT?

5. Recruit Farm Bureau offices in both states to the Blueway managing body. What? Is Farm Bureau in on this too?

6. Control encroachment of human activities into the existing floodplain. What does that mean? More regulations, more government control, more money spent.

7. Initiate the increase of annual, seasonal flooding of agricultural lands for wildlife habitat by 10%. What? MORE flooding of crops and farms for wildife, are you kidding me? Don’t forget the blow up of Birds Point Levee and the Piping Plover which may have caused the whole thing because of water being held back for ‘’habitat‘’, what about people habitat?

8. Setback levees to restore historic floodplain habitat? Now we are taking out levees? More flooding of farmland, more habitat for the snakes and critters.

9. Complete reduction of on-farm, consumptive water use by 15%… More regulations, more controls, more permits and inspections.

10. Complete approval of Cache River National Wildlife Refuge boundry by 102,000 acres. Complete approval of White River NWR expansion area boundry by 125,000 acres. This is 227, 000 acres of expansion! More money, more control. Massive increase of Government! This is just a small sampling of their agenda spelled out in detail in their nomination strategic plan.

Dear Reader, there are over 500,000 acres of government expansion directly mentioned in this strategic plan that I repeat, HAS ALREADY BEEN APPROVED WITHOUT ANY OVERSIGHT of our State and Federal elected officials OR PUBLIC INPUT! This is criminal and an outrage!

This has been done in violation of several laws including the N.E.P. A. ACT. Several of these counties have Land Use Plans in compliance with N.E.P.A. which requires that any State of Federal action must involve County Officials! This is YOUR money and YOUR land and you were not even consulted or even allowed comment!

Citizens have worked for many years to fight off the government takeover of our wonderful Ozarks region. The previous schemes, The Man in the Biosphere, The Natural Streams Act, The Ozark Highlands Heritage Area were all exposed and stopped because the people said no. Now, they aren’t even asking the people. They have gone to their radical one-sided tree hugging friends and have gotten the Department of Interior to do this by executive order under Obama.

Please, contact your elected officials, your County Commissioners, your Reps and Senators on the State and Federal level and tell them you want this stopped and rescinded! This will destroy your ability to farm, ranch, and conduct business here. It will be death by a thousand little cuts. We are tired of Big Government intrusion into OUR land. This is un-Constitutional, this is Socialism and the implementation of the United Nations Agenda 21 programming that is currently being implemented by all of our Federal and State agencies. Many of our elected officials continue to fund this madness, and it must stop.

Please make those calls to your elected officials. We need resolutions from our officials to show them we want it stopped now. The final signing takes place the first week in JULY 2013

Note; Bob Parker if Co-chair of the Property Rights Coalition in South Central Missouri and has fought several of these property rights battles in the past. Bob can be reached at 417-457-6111 or visit the

  1. Brandy Henderson says:

    I have looked high and low for documentation to support what you are claiming and I don’t see any of this in the official documents. Can you please cite your source a little better? Just trying to educate myself on this debate.

  2. Brandy Henderson says:

    Thank you for the resource. Yes, it appears that they are very ‘gung ho’ with the plans for what they would like to do in the watershed. I am curious how they think they will obtain land and do some of the other things they claim. However, this is merely a nomination package to have the watershed designated. Sort of an ‘if you give us the title we will do this’ concept. It does look like the federal government is trying to take measures to protect the land owners… “Nothing in this Order is intended to authorize or affect the use of private property. Nothing in this Order is intended to be the basis for the exercise of any new regulatory authority, nor shall this initiative or any designation pursuant to this Order affect or interfere with any Federal, state, local, and tribal government jurisdiction or applicable law including interstate compacts relating to water or the laws of any state or tribe relating to the control, appropriation, use or distribution of water or water rights.” –taken directly from the order to designate the watershed as a National Blueways System.

    I have been informed that this designation can and will push the White River watershed to the front of the pack when applying for federal funding which could be used in good ways. However, I would be very curious to know how they plan to acquire the land. Still looking and learning. Thanks again.

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