FOIA From Secure Arkansas on The White River National Blueway

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, Economic Freedom, Water Issues
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Another tool for those interested in protecting your private property rights and keeping the UN from controlling your land. The good folks at Secure Arkansas have rec’d this information in a FOIA of Arkansas Game and Fish (one of the 26 “stakeholders) in the nominating committee for the National Blueway. Please take some time and go through this and you will have plenty of ammo to use in your efforts to get our elected officials to do the right thing and interpose on the citizen’s behalf.

FYI, it is a big file and loaded with info.

Again, to reiterate the strategy, we must first get our County Commissioner’s educated and activated against the Blueway and have them sign a resolution against it.

Then we need our State Representatives and Senators to sign resolutions against it.

Copies of the signed resolutions must be sent to the Federal level elected officials, the Attorney General for the State of Missouri, Jay Nixon, our not so illustrious Governor, as well as the Secretaries of the Department of the Interior, Department of Army and the USDA.

Then, for those who want extra credit, the Federal level Congressmen and Senators should be contacted with a fax and phone call.

Please, if someone would find the contact info for the aforementioned individuals and put that in as a comment here, I would greatly appreciate it and then insert it into the body of this post.

Thanks to all of you who stand for freedom!

  1. Gene Ballay says:

    Thank you for the update

    When I try to download the FOIA file, I get the following message

    This webpage is not available


  2. truthfarmer says:

    That is weird. I’ll work on it. Hopefully It will be fixed by a simple re-do.

  3. truthfarmer says:

    Try it again. I think I fixed it. At least on my computer!

  4. gene ballay says:


    Lawrence County Commissioner Contacts
    No www site
    Phone 417 466 3666 Fax 466 4348
    Sam Goodman (Presiding), Joe Ruscha, David Botts
    Other County Commissioner (as affected above)
    I found Lawrence County with a Google Search. Use same technique for other counties.
    State Contacts
    Most of the State Contact details are available at the above www.
    Governor Nixon
    Phone: (573) 751 3222
    No Fax number is listed? Does anyone know the Governor’s fax number??
    State Senate
    Look up your Senator at below site, and then submit correspondence
    For example, our local State Senator for Aurora would be (Senatorial district 029) Senator David Sater
    Phone (573) 751-1480
    No Fax number is listed? Does anyone know the Senator’s fax number??

    State House
    Look up your Representative at below site, and then submit correspondence
    For example, our local Representative for Aurora would be (House district 157) Representative Mike Moon
    Phone (573) 751-4077
    Mike is already very aware of this issue, and active with us in forestalling it.

    Federal Contacts (for Fed Officials, it is best to contact their local office, ie Springfield)
    Senator Blunt
    Phone: (417) 877-7814 Fax: (417) 823-9662
    Senator McCaskill
    Phone 417-868-8745 Fax 417-831-1349
    Representative Billy Long
    Phone 417.889.1800 Fax 417.889.4915

  5. gene ballay says:

    A ‘starting point’ letter to (Missouri) officials follows. You may copy / paste / modify and use for your local officials

    Sir / Madam
    I (and every single person that I have spoken with) am very concerned with a government directive that will soon take effect in twelve Missouri Counties (Barry, Christian, Douglas, Greene, Howell, Lawrence, Ozark, Stone, Taney, Texas, Webster and Wright): designation of the White River Watershed as a National Blueway.
    President Obama has endorsed a Memorandum of Understanding that will grant non-elected officials (Secretary of Interior, Secretary of Agriculture and Department of the Army) significant authority over SW Missouri land (in addition to Arkansas and Oklahoma) as part of a program that virtually no one (including the land owners) have even heard about.
    “Watershed” is a Key Word here and can mean every square inch of land from which rainfall runoff eventually flows into the White River, including potentially our own back yards! As only one of many possible examples of the consequences, farmers and cattlemen might be constrained in the tilling of their soil and water runoff from their fields and pastures.
    There are more than one million citizens (land owners) affected by this designation, and yet with the act scheduled to take effect the first week of July, there has been virtually zero public discussion, or input by those affected. We are not comfortable with “surprise, warm fuzzy feeling” language and then turning our land over to non-elected bureaucrats who don’t even live in this area..
    This idea is not new. In1996 there was a somewhat similar proposal for the same general area (Ozark Highlands/White River Basin) that was halted when then-Governor (Arkansas) Huckabee demanded termination.
    I request your public support in terminating any approval / implementation of the Blueway designation until such time as the true stakeholders (honest, law abiding citizens who are the true stewards of this land) have been fully informed of what is involved.
    Thank you

  6. Gayla mITCHELL says:

    The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged. Try obtaining a new installer file from the application author. This is all I get please help. I live in Howell County and Mother in Baxter County and Homes in Marion County.

  7. Vicki Barton says:

    Please say NO to the Blueway!!!

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