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 What is the White River Watershed National Blueway?

Posted on May 20, 2013 by admin


In 2012, the Department of Interior established the National Blueways System which brings various unelected environmental stakeholders and organizations, as well as local, state, federal, and international bureaucrats together for environmental issues in the White River Watershed area and for building a sustainable economic region.  In actuality, it looks like it could be a future federal land grab under United Nations Agenda 21, and we will be used as a biosphere model for other areas in the United States.

*Watershed means every square inch of land from which rainfall runoff eventually draws into the White River, including your own back yard!  The misconception is that this affects ONLY the White River, but this is incorrect.  This could affect your property even if you don’t live near the White River.  Click here to view maps of the affected areas.

We’re an agricultural state.  An example of consequences are that farmers and cattlemen would be limited regarding the tilling of their soil and water runoff from their fields and pastures, and this would limit their ability to be profitable in their business.  The government watershed regulations and restrictions will be extreme and oppressive.  You could have no ability to decide what to do with your own property.  It seems like these pro-conservation groups view wildlife as more important than humans.
Many international organizations who are supporting this Blueway designation and that supposedly protect habitats and millions of designated acres use the slogan:  “Leave no trace”.  This means no human carbon footprint:  no human presence allowed.  It’s time to say, “ENOUGH!  This is oppressive!”

We understand that it’s important to take care of our natural resources, but federal government involvement is neither necessary nor desired.


We mentioned these people, businesses, and groups who support the National Blueways System in our email from Saturday, May 18, 2013 entitled “Help Oppose the Destruction of Our Heartland!”

There are over 26 stakeholder groups that support the White River Watershed National Blueway designation, including:

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

The Audubon Society

Federal partners from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

The U.S. Department of Agriculture

The Department of the Interior

The Nature Conservancy

Ducks Unlimited

Several other agencies and businesses interested in environmentalism and conservation

Click here  to view the sponsors of this designation.


Why are the same bureaucrats and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) who, in the 1990’s tried to give the same general area a U.N. title (“United Nations Biosphere”), now trying to call it by a National Blueway title?  Remember the Ozark Man and Biosphere of the 1990′s?  Recall that battle.

Why do bureaucrats & “do-good environmentalists” want to designate* your land without consulting you or notifying any of our Constitutional officers whom you have elected to protect you from such encroachment on your private property and on the public lands which your tax dollars maintain for your public access and enjoyment?

*Don’t be deceived by flattering bureaucratic designations.  Designations always lead to stronger rules and regulations for you and me and what we can do on our own property.

It seems that some NGOs represent the United Nations, and the government represents some of the NGOs!

Contact your Arkansas’ Governor Mike Beebe (or Missouri Governor Jay Nixon), U.S. senators and U.S. representatives , state senators and representatives, and county judges and Justices of the Peace .  Call and  make sure that your County Quorum Court endorses the “No Blueway” resolution.

For your U.S. senators and U.S. representatives, be sure to contact them at their local office near you.  See the table below for contact info.  Information sent to their Washington D.C. offices could be held up for screening purposes for up to 30 days.  We don’t have time for that, so we’re not including their D.C. contact info.  Fax, email, and call them LOCALLY.  We need to flood these local offices with protest letters and calls!

U.S. Rep. Steve Womack U.S. Senator John Boozman
Arkansas Offices: Arkansas Offices:
*Fort Smith* *Little Rock*
423 N. 6th St. 1401 W. Capitol Ave., Plaza F
Fort Smith, AR 72902 Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone:  479-424-1146 Phone:  501-372-7153
Fax:  479-424-2739 Fax:  501-372-7163
*Harrison* *Fort Smith*
303 N. Main St., Suite 102 1120 Garrison Ave., Ste B
Harrison, AR  72601 Fort Smith, AR  72901
Phone:  870-741-6900 Phone:  479-573-0189
Fax:  870-741-7741 Fax:
*Rogers* *Lowell*
3333 Pinnacle Hills, Ste 120 213 W. Monroe, Ste. N
Rogers, AR 72758 Lowell, AR  72745
Phone:  479-464-0446 Phone:  479-725-0400
Fax:  479-464-0063 Fax: *Mountain Home*
1001 Hwy. 62 East, Suite 11
Mountain Home, AR 72653
U.S. Rep. Rick Crawford Phone:  870-424-0129
Arkansas Offices: Fax:  870-424-0141
*Cabot* *Jonesboro*
112 S. First St. 300 S. Church St., Ste. 400
Cabot, AR  72023 Jonesboro, AR  72401
Phone:  501-843-3043 Phone:  870-268-6925
Fax:  501-843-4955 Fax:
*Jonesboro* *Stuttgart*
2400 Highland Dr, Suite 300 620 E. 22nd St., Ste. 204
Jonesboro, AR  72401 Stuttgart, AR  72160
Phone:  870-203-0540 Phone:  870-672-6941
Fax:  870-203-0542 Fax:
*Mountain Home* *El Dorado*
1001 Hwy. 62 East, Suite 9 106 W. Main St., Ste. 104
Mountain Home, AR  72653 El Dorado, AR  71730
 Phone:  870-424-2075 Phone:  870-863-4641
Fax:  870-424-3149 Fax:
U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin
Arkansas Offices: U.S. Senator Mark Pryor
*Little Rock* Arkansas Office:
1501 N. University, Ste 150 *Little Rock*
Little Rock, AR 72207 500 President Clinton Ave, Ste. 401
Phone:  501- 324-5941 Little Rock, AR 72201
Fax:  501-324-6029 Phone:  501- 324-6336
*Conway* Fax:  501-324-5320
1105 Deer St, Suite 12
Conway, AR  72032
Phone:  501-358-3481
Fax:  501-358-3484
U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton
Arkansas Offices:
Johnson County Courthouse, 3rd Floor
215 W. Main St., Room 300
Clarksville, AR 72830
Phone:  479-754-2120
Fax:  479-754-2124
*El Dorado*
Union County Courthouse, Ste. 406
101 N. Washington St.
El Dorado, AR  71730
Phone:  870-881-0681
Fax:  870-881-0683
*Hot Springs*
Hot Springs Federal Bldg., Ste. 307
100 Reserve St.
Hot Springs National Park, AR  71901
Phone:  501-520-5892
Fax:  501-520-5873
*Pine Bluff*
George Howard Jr. Federal Bldg.,
  Room 2521
100 E. 8th Ave.
Pine Bluff, AR  71601
Phone:  870-536-3376
Fax:  870-536-4058



Our time is running short!
The time frame in which we may express our opposition and take action against the White River Watershed National Blueway designation is from January 9, 2013 – July 6, 2013.

It’s imperative that we have volunteers from each county in Arkansas (and those affected in Missouri) to present
this resolution to their county quorum courts in June 2013.  Will your Justice of the Peace vote to support this resolution?  It’s up to you to make sure that they do.

Click here to volunteer to present the resolution to your County Quorum Court.  Click here for a copy of the resolution.

Share & forward this email to your entire email list!

We don’t want the federal government controlling, restricting, or regulating our public or private property.
It’s just that simple.

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