Resolution Against White River Wathershed Blueway

Posted: May 24, 2013 in Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, Agriculture, Economic Freedom, Water Issues
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As mentioned before, I am going to continue to post lots of information on the White River Wathershed Blueway designation throughout the day. Very important distinctions must be made between this UN inspired designation and the other two serious attempts at taking in basically the same land under this non elected governance control method….Those previous attempts being the Ozark Highlands Heritage Area and Ozark Man and the Biosphere from 1996.

This particular designation doesn’t have any opportunity for public feedback! The previous two attempts did have some opportunity for feedback, and the Heritage Area required an Act of Congress to solidify the deal. In this case, the Department of Interior and their cohorts are acting with NO elected official input whatsoever.

However, when you drag the offending parties into the light and confront them with documents and facts, they usually run screaming back into the crevices they were pulled from and repent for a little while.

And that pulling into the light of day and exposing the NGO’s and PPP’s who would take your private property rights under their control without your permission, is YOUR mission, people.

In Missouri, every County, regardless of size, has three commissioners. There are 21 counties affected by the White River Watershed Blueway in whole or in part. That means that within Missouri, there are 63 County Commissioners that must be contacted IMMEDIATELY by residents of the county to let them know about this Blueway and offer the Commission the opportunity to stand for their rights and the rights of their citizens and pass a resolution against the Blueway, and inform the US Congress and Senate that they have no intention of working with the rogue Department of Interior or their cohorts to bring about their “vision”. Here is a link to a model Resolution Against White River Watershed –blueway resolution.

Also, to help you out in backgrounding the information, here are some Talking Points Blueway.

Please be aware that the specific Memorandum of Understanding is expected to be completed in early July, so we only have a little over one month to defeat this thing in it’s entirety.

I will be writing a comprehensive, but not exhaustive, article on this over the course of the next couple of days. Right now, I will be compiling information for you to use, and asking that you activate all of your friends in preparing to bring this land grab into focus. When I get the article done it should be a big help for those who don’t find too much pleasure in reading bureaucratic double speak.

For now, download the Talking points and the model Resolution and read the posts from earlier today.


  1. Tammy says:

    List of counties?

    • truthfarmer says:

      They don’t make it easy. I had to reconcile two different maps to get it. Here they are: Barry, Lawrence, Stone, Taney, Christian, Greene, Webster, Wright, Douglas, Ozark, Texas, Howell, Oregon, Shannon, Dent, Reynolds, Iron, Wayne (I think), Butler (I think), Ripley, Carter.

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