I am digging through information on the designation of 60 counties in Arkansas and Missouri into a National Blueway and found this post with links to some excellent and important documents regarding this issue. A heads up to everyone out there is necessary. While you may not be in a presently targeted area, if you live in the watershed of any river, you will be! And you will have no opportunity for public input or comment.

Check this out:

Wow…  this whole National Blueways designation has more gummint’ tentacles than an octopus…  more information for you to read.  We’ll be watchin’ this…

One of my downriver neighbors has been doing a lot of reading, and provided the following links (and a bit of his commentary…) to me to spread the word…  a little bit of what they passed on to me is printed below:


What is the White River National Blueways?………………..
It is part of Obama’s “America’s Great Outdoors” initiative (two links below). The White River Blueway Coalition will be a “group” that will be in charge of doing “something”. You need to read the Nomination (link below) to try to see what “something” means. It is NOT just an honorary award sort of thing.
The “group” is a “Public Private Partnership” (PPP) consisting of conservation oriented “Non Government Organizations” (NGOs) and Government Departments. Some of the NGOs get some funding from the Feds one way or another. In my opinion, the “group” IS the Federal Government.

So what you are joining, again just my opinion, IS the Federal Government expanding control or at least increased influence over private property outside of Federally owned lands. I like a little teeny Federal Government myself, so I am a little biased at the whole approach. NGOs and PPPs are also being used for the stealth implementation in America of United Nations Agenda 21 (aka, “sustainability everything”) in the same manner as Blueways. If you want more info on Agenda 21, let me know.

However, it is hard to find fault with increased conservation funding and it could be a great thing.

When you get to reading the whole thing it seems there is a lot of “conservation easements” (can be very dangerous for gullible landowners) and “land acquisition” going on somewhere along with such things as …………….
“Initiate discussions between Coalition partners, Southwest Power Administration and the Corps of Engineers aimed at designing and implementing scientifically-based release guidelines for impoundments in the upper Watershed.”
There is awareness of pollution from farm runoff above Bull Shoals (I think) mentioned in the nomination so maybe some help there.

For “America’s Great Outdoors” initiative see………..

The White River was “nominated” for Blueways designation by a coalition of Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and government departments. The nominating partnership is currently comprised of twelve organizations and agencies informally organized as the White River Blueway Coalition (the “Coalition”). It appears one of the main organizations is the National Wildlife Refuge Association.
Here is the nomination (very large file)………………….
On page 2 of the nomination……………………
“The National Wildlife Refuge Association (“NWRA”) is pleased to nominate the White Water Watershed (the “Watershed”) in Arkansas and Missouri for designation as a National Blueway. NWRA makes this nomination on behalf of a capable and accomplished sponsoring partnership that includes four national non-profit conservation organizations, three federal environmental agencies, the Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture, three state wildlife and environmental agencies and two Watershed communities, all of which are committed to the goals and objectives for the proposed National Blueway as articulated in the nomination.”
On page 21 of the nomination……………………….
“If the White River Watershed is designated a National Blueway, the Coalition will institute a formal membership, management and reporting structure, and recruit additional membership from all regions of the Watershed that can help the new Blueway’s governing body meet the land and water management integration, conservation and restoration, recreation, environmental education and economic sustainability goals for the Watershed.”


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