Session is all done on May 17th. We only have two more chances to engage in Wake Up Wednesday! for Missouri’s Legislators. Please, take the time to make your calls to the elected officials indicated below. If no number is given, please call the Captiol Switchboard at 573-751-2000. We have made a difference in our legislature this session! Thank YOU for all of your work!


GOOD NEWS RE:  COMMON CORE LEGISLATION…A message from Missouri Coalition Against Common Core…

Monday night SB210 was perfected in the Senate.  Sen. Lamping, Sen. Richard, and Sen. Dempsey to get it to the floor for that critical vote.

BUT…we still need your help!   Now it needs one more vote to pass it out of the Senate and over to the House.


Wednesday, May 8: — Make Missouri’s Department of Elementary & Secondary Education Accountable to Missouri Residents for Common Core.

Call or email your Senator and ask them to vote “Yes” on SB210. Your children and grandchildren will thank you!
HJR 7 and 11 “The Right to Farm” proposed Constitutional Amendment:

The Missouri Monsanto Protection Act: The bill has gone through both the House and Senate and cleared conference committee. It is waiting to get through the Senate where several have stated they will filibuster the language since it has removed the provision protecting local control, and also for deep concerns over the unlimited spread of  genetically modified crops because of the very vague language of the bill. Please call your Senator and Representative and ask them to vote “NO” against this proposed Constitutional Amendment as it will need to be defined by courts as Senators observed in conference committee. Some things are just better off dead, and this amendment is one of those things. This is on the Senate informal calendar and could be brought up at any minute

HB 42- Agenda 21 Constraining Legislation:

The bill has passed through the with flying colors and needs to simply be brought to the Senate floor for a final vote and then on to the Governor’s desk. Please call or email Dempsey and Richard and ask them to bring it to floor asap. It will stop YOUR tax dollars from being used against you by non and quasi governmental bodies implementing Agenda 21 to impede your private property rights.

SJR 14: Strengthening the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Missouri

This is a proposed Constitutional Amendment that would be wonderful to get on the ballot. It simply needs to come to the House Floor and pass with no amendments and a Veto Proof majority to get on the ballot for Citizens to approve. Please call your Representative and Speaker Jones and ask that this be brought to floor immediately.

SB 375-Paper Ballot Bill:  This bill is on the Senate Calendar and has yet to make it through the House in any form. If it can be passed through the Senate quickly, there is a chance it could make it through the process by May 17th. It must first pass the Senate and then go through the proper committee in the House and make it to the House floor in a speedy way. This bill would greatly enhance the integrity of our elections by phasing out electronic touch screens and increasing the percentage of paper ballots counted to check the integrity of the electronic ballot readers. Please call the Senate and ask to push this bill through.





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