We have a very short time left in this session of our State legislature. We do have some things we absolutely need to act upon. Please take the following actions and the easy button number to call to get in contact with the proper Representatives and Senators is the Capitol Switchboard: 573-751-2000. Share this with everyone!

 HB42 and Companion SB265-Agenda 21: This legislation is to prohibit the State and political subdivisions from funding groups working to promote Agenda 21. Both have passed their respective Houses and HB42 is through the Senate committee and simply needs to go to the floor and be voted “Pass” with a veto proof majority. Please call Senator Tom Demspey’s office and ask him to put it on the calendar quickly. SB 265 needs to pass out of the “General Rules” committee and get on the floor calendar. Rep Lyle Rowland is the sponsor of HB42 and Senator Nieves sponsored SB265.

HB436- The Second Amendment Preservation Act: This bill is on the Senate informal calendar and needs to pass through the Senate with the same veto-proof majority as it passed out of the House. You can call Senator Dempsey’s office and ask it to be put on the floor ASAP. This legislation will do two things, first it will nullify Federal overreach on our firearms freedoms, and negate any future overreach on the part of the national government, and in doing so, it firmly establishes the proper role and use of the Tenth Amendment.  Rep Funderburk sponsored this bill.

SJR14 Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Strengthen the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Missouri: This bill is still in the General Laws committee of Rep Caleb Jones. It must get out of their and onto the floor this week or it will be a dead issue. Please call Rep Caleb Jones and ask him to push this through his committee and also call Rep Tim Jones and ask him to bring this to the floor as soon as it passes out of committee.

HJR 7 and 11- Proposed Constitutional Amendment, “the Right to Farm”: This bill passed through the House with no opposition, and then light was shed on the problems wit the bill and the Senate modified it, but didn’t kill it and passed a somewhat less offensive bill through the Senate. The House refused to concede the change to the bill and asked for a Conference Committee which the Senate granted on Monday night. This bill needs to die. The bill no longer clearly benefits agribusiness megaliths like Monsanto and Cargill, so the House sponsors are not pleased with the Senate language change, but it STILL benefits them more than independent family farmers because the bill is now ambiguous and independent farmers will killed off by judicial attrition if they must defend themselves against the likes of Cargill and Monsanto. Please call the Senate Conferees, Munzlinger, Brown, Parson, Justus and Sifton and ask them to hold to the Senate language and kill this bill. This bill is sponsored by Reps Jason Smith, and Reibold.

Last minute additional info!!! Just in from fellow freedom fighter Ron Calzone on HB436:

HB 436 has made tremendous progress over the last couple of weeks, but it’s toughest step is still ahead — senate passage.

Navigating that last step is dependent on majority floor leader, Sen. Ron Richard, more than anything else.  It’s up to him to allow it the time to survive what could be drawn out debate or filibuster, since he controls which bills get to the floor.

We want to make sure he knows that there are thousands of us watching this bill and that it is of the utmost importance to us.

Please take time RIGHT AWAY to send a short note of encouragement by regular mail.  Write “HB 436” on the outside of the envelope.

Senator Ron Richard
201 W Capitol Ave., Rm. 321
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101

Please do not call his office unless you have a personal relationship with Sen. Richard.  Note that there’s no indication that he’s opposed to this bill, we just want to remind him how important it is to us.

Please do this today and get as many neighbors and friends to do the same.

NOTE: On Monday HB 436 was debated for about an hour on the Senate floor.  It was an opportunity to “test the waters” and not the only opportunity it will get.

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