Real ID Implementation and CCW Holders Turned Over to Feds

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Fire Arms, Legislative Issues, REAL ID
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As most everyone in Missouri and across the nation are aware, we are dealing with some very serious issues of violation of the public trust and total lack of accountability on Real ID with the Dept of Revenue and the Missouri Highway Patrol turning over concealed carry holders information to at least one federal agency.

While these issues have some similarities, they are actually two separate issues. The Highway Patrol was evidently asked for the CCW holder’s information by only one Social Security Administration representative, and they complied. This information is available to the Highway Patrol, but harvested through the Department of Revenue.

The Department of Revenue has replaced all the machines in all the license bureaus with biometric machines, and they are scanning documents to verify identity and sending them to a private company out of State to print Missouri CCW holder’s licenses as well as driver and non-driver State ID cards. This is expressly against Missouri statute.

There is so much information on this that I have decided to simply provide you with a few links that lead you to other links on the issues.

However, first and foremost, if you have had your information illegally shared and are a CCW holder, please go to this link and fill out the form and become part of the legal solution to this problem. You can click this link and get the form needed.

Now for the other links.

Missouri Family Net has excellent information on this. You can click through here and look at all of their postings on the issue.

Dana Loesch has a tremendous amount of information that is currently quite easy to access on these issues as well. Here is the link to her website.

We are supportive of the actions being taken by our Missouri legislators and Lt Governor to reign these agencies in and hold the people accountable for their actions in violation of State law and Public trust. Special thanks are due to Senator Schaefer and Representative Bahr. Having discussed this at length, the PRC thinks there must be several actions taken by the legislature on behalf of the citizens. Here they are in bullet point form:

1) Zero the Budget for the DOR entirely.

2) Pass Emergency Legislation allowing a year’s extension on license/permit renewal while the issue is resolved.

3) Pass legislation and terminate ALL agency heads and departmental heads with in the agencies that violated the laws of the State of Missouri.

4) Convene a House and Senate Investigative Committee that is open to the Public determining the Governor’s extent of involvement and if determined to be warranted move forward with impeachment proceedings.

There may be other things that they should do, and there will likely need to be a special session called to complete the necessary work of insuring that Missouri officials are held to uphold the laws of the State. If that is needed, then they should do it.

This will continue to unfold and we will strive to keep things on this issue up to date for you.


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