Important Document on Missouri and Real ID

Posted: March 19, 2013 in REAL ID

As more information and Department of Revenue obfuscations continue to come to light, things are boiling in Jefferson City. It has been reported that there was  a Senate meeting during which it was divulged that the data is indeed being uploaded to the Department of Homeland Security, and there is no way to remove/retrieve the data that has been uploaded.

We are awaiting information on the case in Stoddard County and other actions that are being taken across the State. Some noisings are being made that the DOR is backing up and that since they have had their proverbial hands slapped, they will now act right…..What assurance there is of such a retreat is beyond me. If we, the Sovereigns of Missouri, break the law, we bear the consequences. No less should be required of our agencies. If they, under the behest of a director or even the governor himself break the laws of the State, they should be removed from office, and taken to court and tried for their infractions in their personal capacity.

At any rate, this is a link to a pdf on the status of States and their implementation of Real ID. Please download and share this.

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