Day of Resistance–Springfield, Feb 23rd

Posted: February 19, 2013 in Fire Arms, Uncategorized
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All across the nation there are simultaneous events being held under the name of Day of Resistance. There are at least three of these in Missouri, and you can view the national list for these demonstrations here.

Due to time constraints, I will not be able to send out a newsletter on this today. But please, everyone, check the info for the events closest to you at the link above and get out to show your resistance to the overarching, illegal controls the Federal level government wants to place upon your DUTY to protect your family and innocents from criminals. Send it out on your email lists and share it everywhere in social media.

Here’s the info from the flyer for the Springfield, Missouri Event:


On February 23rd, gun owners and patriots will come together to organize locally in order to protect the right that protects ALL rights…The 2nd Amendment.

This event is a non-partisan, peaceful, family event. Violators of this rule will be asked to immediately leave.

We will be in the parking lot adjacent to the Sound of Freedom USA Indoor Gun Range at 12pm to 2pm.

Please do not park in the parking lot.

For more information contact Cherin Cathro at 916-605-9892. Or look for Cherin Cathro on Facebook.


I would ask you to please bring flyers for the Firearms Freedom Symposium in Springfield on March 5th to share with others at this event. Big news is coming out on that event today….It’s going to be awesome!

The bottom line on ALL freedom is that if you don’t stand on your rights, and use them… you lose them. Join together with other people unwilling to roll over to tyranny!

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