Commonsense Property Rights Coalition Meeting Monday February 11 Summary

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Meetings

From Mike Slack:

Excellent meeting last night, Monday, of the Commonsense Property Rights Coalition covering the Oregon County MO and Fulton County AR areas. Kevin Jotz updated the group on Sheriff George Underwood endorsing the letter to Obama from the Johnson County sheriff, Mike Slack updated the group on the  March 5 Firearms Freedom symposium and passed out flyers to those in attendance asking them to each post one flyer in a public place, and read news articles from Mike Evans spoke on several bills in the MO Legislature. All 42 people there were given contact information for Senator Mike Cunningham and Representatives Jeff Pogue, Shawn Rhodes and Steve Cookson. Mike asked all of them to contact via phone and email those representatives to support anti gun control, anti drone and pro right to work measures and to demand legislative action to provide justice for Morningland Dairy. All 42 raised their hands indicating they would do so.

Concerning Morningland Diary the majority of those in attendance agreed that the General Assembly had an obligation to correct the malicious, improper actions of the Milk Board acting as agents of the state. Government, like a physician, should first do no harm to the people it claims to represent.

The 8th District Congressional Race was discussed.  The overwhelming consensus was that without Bob Parker in the race the Republican Party should not be rewarded for conducting politics as usual with the choosing of Jason Smith and that alternative candidates from the Liberterian and Constitutional Parties should be considered.

People were given contact info also for the PRC, the Fulton County Patriots and the Campaign for Liberty and info on the websites

Meetings of the Commonsense PRC are always at 6pm the second Monday of each month at the Spring Dipper in Mammoth Springs. For information call 417-264-2435 or 417-270-1724.

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