Commonsense Property Rights Coalition Meeting

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Legislative Issues, Meetings

The Commonsense Property Rights Coalition will meet Monday evening, February 11 at the Spring Dipper on Highway 63 in Mammoth Springs at 6 pm according to Mike Slack, one of the board members of the group. The meeting will start and 6 and those wishing to eat are asked to be there by 5:30.

“The first meeting of our group last month had 35 people in attendance and several more have called and requested information since then” Slack said. “The purpose of the group is to inform citizens of federal and state government actions that affect constitutional and property owner rights. At our first meeting we were pleased to have Jack and Nancy Cole of the Fulton County Patriots Group, Dave Davis of the Ozarks Property Rights Coalition, and Mike Evans, radio talk show host, all as guest speakers.”

This meeting will include an update on the Restore Missouri Project, information on right to work legislation and actions against federal gun control laws in Jefferson City and an update on actions taken by the Missouri Milk Board against Morningland Dairy, a small family farm and cheese making facility. There is no charge for the meeting and all interested citizens are encouraged to attend. For more information call 417-264-2435 or 417-270-1724.

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