Update on Sheriffs Standing for Our Right to Bear Arms

Posted: February 5, 2013 in Fire Arms, Legislative Issues

Today brings the total to 8 State Sheriff’s Associations and 270 Sheriffs standing for their Oath of Office and the citizens of their respective Counties. In Missouri, with 114 counties, we have the following Sheriffs who have signed on with the CSPOA to uphold their oaths. If your Sheriff isn’t on this list, you should call them and strongly recommend they go to http://www.cspoa.org and sign on. The Missouri Sheriff’s Association needs to be the next one on this list.

90 Brad A. DeLay Lawrence Missouri
91 Charles Heiss Johnson Missouri
92 Steve Cox Livingston Missouri
93 Mick Epperly Barry Missouri
94 Stephen Stockman Mercer Missouri
95 George R. Underwood Oregon Missouri
96 Michael Dixon Osage Missouri
97 Randee Kaiser Jasper Missouri
98 Steven R. Blunkall Shannon Missouri
99 James Sigman Texas Missouri
100 Mark Dobbs Butler Missouri
101 Gary Schaaf Perry Missouri
102 Randy Esphorst Gasconade Missouri
103 Kevin T. Harrison Warren Missouri
104 Jimmy Shinn Marion Missouri
105 Gerry Dinwiddie Ralls Missouri

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