Do Feds Desire to Abolish the Office of the Sheriff?

Posted: February 3, 2013 in Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, Fire Arms, Legislative Issues
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I pass this on for informational purposes only. I looked for a little while for some actual documentation from the Federal government on this and couldn’t find it, so please, do not state this as irrevocable fact. I do know that the linked facts related in this article are substantiated, and in line with this type of thought on the part of the federal government. Our own State had a bill not too many sessions ago to get rid of the elected office of Sheriff, so this is not an unwarranted concern. If you arent aware of this, there are at least 256 Sheriffs who have signed onto the CSPOA’s effort to inform Obama that they will not take part in any confiscations of firearms.

The Latest Obama Disgrace: Effort to abolish local sheriffs a stealth federal power grab?

A news report has been quietly making its way around the alternative media, under the radar screen, concerning a Delaware legal decision to strip county sheriffs of their arrest powers in the state.

The mainstream media has not reported the story, but the son of Vice President Joe Biden, who serves as Attorney General for the state of Delaware, has issued a mandate to county commissioners informing them that sheriffs in the state’s three counties no longer have arrest powers.

When the information reached this reporter late yesterday evening, further investigation revealed that there is a nationwide effort to strip local sheriffs of most of their enumerated powers that are mandated in the state constitutions of the various states. Such a move would have the net effect of abolishing local sheriffs departments and strengthening the power of federal law enforcement agencies.

And this is not the first time such an effort has been launched.

In the 1970s an initiative was launched by county supervisors in California to eliminate the office of sheriff, but one supervisor instead was able to persuade two state legislators to get a question placed on the California ballot as to whether or not the office of the sheriff should be an elected office. The measure passed overwhelmingly, and the mandate for elected sheriffs was placed in the state constitution.

And in 1935 President Franklin D. Roosevelt was set to eliminate all of the 48 states in order to implement nine regional governments that would operate as extensions of the federal government. All local law enforcement would be eliminated. The plan failed, but the fact that it was attempted points to an ever present, insidious stealth plan on the part of some within the federal government to take away the right of the people and the states to elect their own local law enforcement and to vastly strengthen the hand of the numerous federal law enforcement agencies that currently operate throughout America. (full article here, but the article originated from the Examiner)

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