We ARE having a Meeting tonight, January 24th, 2012

Posted: January 24, 2013 in Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, Fire Arms, Legislative Issues, Meetings, Uncategorized

Hello all,

I did send out an email notification regarding the meeting we will be having at the Hayloft this evening, but I neglected to post it to the site. My apologies!

Michael Jones will be speaking a bit on the Muslim Brotherhood and the implementation of Real ID here in Missouri and across the nation. Bob Parker will be speaking on gun control and covering the process by which the Republican party is nominating the replacement for Representative Emerson’s seat.
I will give a short overview of some of the legislative issues in effect at State level, and Dirk Shea will discuss the Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officers project and the number of Sheriff’s across the country who have put Obama on notice that they will not enforce wrongful orders in their counties.

Things are rather harried currently and there are so many issues of major importance that we can only pick a few to cover.

Please come early to eat and support the Hayloft restaurant on Hwy 95 in Mtn Grove, MO. They have blessed us with a very nice meeting room and we should support the good guys!

Hope to see many of you tonight at 7pm.

Here are some of the print outs we will have tonight: Missouri Second and 10th Amendment legislative issues, The Firearms freedom Symposium that is upcoming, a little handout on real life effects of gun control, SB124 that would require parents to notify the school if they have firearms, and an account of Nazi Germany’s controls in Austria from a survivor.

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