Domino’s Wins a Temp Ruling on Obamacare

Posted: January 1, 2013 in Healthcare/Obamacare

This is interesting. Hobby Lobby loses and is likely to be fined $1.3 million per day, and Domino’s wins on basically the exact same issue.

Perhaps I am hopelessly optimistic, but when Roberts ruled that Obamacare was a tax, the issue of the Senate Substitute running on a House Bill number seemed to have the potential to derail the entire snafu, but then nothing happened to deal with that issue. Perhaps it is just “nothing has yet happened”.

Anyway, I thought this was good news, which is in rare supply these day, so I wanted to share it with you!

Pizza magnate wins temporary ruling on contraception coverage dispute

Thomas Monaghan, the multimillionaire founder of Domino’s Pizza, pictured at the University of Ava Maria, which he founded September 27, 2007.
December 31st, 2012
05:35 PM ET

Pizza magnate wins temporary ruling on contraception coverage dispute

By Bill Mears, CNN

(CNN)– The billionaire founder of Domino’s Pizza has won a temporary court victory, with a federal judge blocking enforcement of part of the health care reform bill requiring most employers to provide a range of contraception and reproductive health services.

Some business owners and their staff see that as a violation of their religious rights.

Federal Judge Lawrence Zatkoff issued his order late Sunday, saying Thomas Monaghan had “shown that abiding by the mandate will substantially burden his exercise of religion.”

“The (federal) government has failed to satisfy its burden of showing that its actions were narrowly tailored to serve a compelling interest,” said Zatkoff, a 1986 Reagan appointee. “Therefore, the court finds that plaintiffs have established at least some likelihood of succeeding on the merits” of their claim.

Monaghan filed the emergency petition this month, on behalf of himself and Domino’s Farms Corp., a Michigan property management firm he operates, not directly related to the pizza-chain empire. Monaghan sold his majority interest in the pizza company in 1998.

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