WTO Troubles Between Russia and US

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, Economic Freedom, Food Freedom

Until a few years ago, Russia was not in the World Trade Organization, by not being in that “illustrious” group, they could make their own decisions about food safety and acceptability on imported substances. Now, as a member, their capacity to protect their food supply from things they have deemed unacceptable, they may very well be drug before the WTO Tribunal.

The following article is worth reading to see the amount of control and lack of decency in the harmonization process inherent in this global commune we have developed:

Russia and US Clash Over Ractopamine Tests

13 December 2012

ANALYSIS – The Russian authorities are clamping down on US meat products because of concerns over the use of ractopamine in the animals as a growth promoter.

Now any imports of meat have to be certified by a government veterinary inspector before they can go on the Russian market.

If the meat products are not accompanied by the appropriate certificate, they will only be admitted onto the market after laboratory tests.

The lab testing system will be in place during the transmission period during which the Russian Veterinary authority Rosselkhoznador said that the Veterinary Services of exporting countries must establish systems of laboratory checks for the presence of ractopamine in imported products and support each product consignment meant for the Russian Market and other CU countries with a laboratory act that testifies the absence of ractopamine in it.

However, now the US trade representative, Ron Kirk pictured, has attacked Russia for breaking the obligations of the World Trade Organisation and has called on Russia to restore market access.

He said: “The United States calls on Russia to suspend these new measures and restore market access for US beef and pork products. The United States sought, and Russia committed as part of its WTO accession package, to ensure that it adhere rigorously to WTO requirements and that it would use international standards unless it had a risk assessment to justify use of a more stringent standard.

“Especially in light of its commitment to use international standards, this is an important opportunity for Russia to demonstrate that it takes its WTO commitments seriously.” (read the rest here)

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