Oyster Farmer Gets a Raw Deal

Posted: December 11, 2012 in Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, Agriculture, Water Issues

This is a fairly detailed piece on the complete lack of science employed to destroy a business employing 30 people in a very environmentally friendly way. It clearly illustrates that the objective of the NPS is to destroy good stewardship and replace it with no stewardship whatsoever. This is a non-partisan issue. The action was begun under a Republican President and completed under a Democrat. Agenda 21 in full action here, folks. Science based accusations, without scientifically accurate data. Actually, the data used to destroy this family run business is entirely contrived.

The question, at an ever increasing rate, is who is next?

Raw Deal:
Bad science and contempt for the law allow the government to destroy a family oyster farm.

By Jillian Kay Melchior

Kevin Lunny, patriarch and owner of Drakes Bay Oyster Co.

Brigid and Sean knew from their father’s face that the news was not good. As he took a short phone call, the Lunny family could tell that a decision handed down by the federal government would cost them their livelihood, their family home, and their retirement plan.

“I was standing in our little oyster shack, the retail store where people gather,” says Kevin Lunny, the patriarch and owner of Drakes Bay Oyster Co., in Marin County, Calif. “The phone rang, and my daughter answered it. She said, ‘It’s Secretary Salazar, for you.’ We all knew, and we were all waiting. None of us could sleep, none of us could physically eat as we were awaiting the decision. Sean’s looking at me. Brigid’s looking at me. About a minute into the conversation, I hadn’t said anything, and they were both in tears because they could see my face. This was not the decision we’d hoped for and prayed for. Walking out of that room and onto the dock where our 30 employees were waiting — you had all 30 of us in tears because it’s a tragedy.”

(Read full story here)

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