Welcome to PRC News!

Posted: December 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

We will be populating our site for the next week or so, and ask for your patience during that process.

The primary purpose of the PRC is to research, educate, and disseminate information that affects YOUR private property rights. We are highly conversant in Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, and the methods of implementation used to bring this “master plan” to fruition.

We plan to become the hub for information sharing on news, legislative, regulatory and social movements to bring the framework for enforcement of AG21 into position within our State, communities, and nation. People have to understand the methods being used to strip us of our most precious rights in order to effectively protect against any further destruction of those rights.

Please sign up for notifications by email to ensure you don’t miss important meetings, news, and notices about events that are coming up.

We will be doing a specific online and print newsletter in the near future, so look for that as well!

Be vigilant, Be blessed!

  1. Dave Fleagle says:

    How do I post an announcement of the upcoming (Feb. 21st) Douglas County Republican Committee meeting – featuring Rep. Lyle Rowland and Doreen Hannes? I have a short article which is published in various newspapers I can send. Lemme know how. Thanks.

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